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Support Group


Peer Support is an opportunity for peers who have undergone significant recovery efforts to help and assist others in their recovery efforts. This program uses the power of community and relationships to help those who are seeking freedom from substance abuse. Peer Support workers will share recovery tips and resources, provide you with practical assistance, teach recovery skills, mentor, and set goals for you. Typical activities you will engage in consist of:

Advocacy and Support
Role Model Recovery
Facilitating Positive Change

There are many known and researched benefits for participating in the Peer Support program:*

Decreased Hospitalizations and Relapses
Greater Levels of Self Efficacy 
Increased Levels of Empowerment
Greater Community Engagement

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*Farkas M, Boevink W. Peer delivered services in mental health care in 2018: infancy or adolescence? World Psychiatry. 2018;17(2):222-224.

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