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Young Man in Therapy


A psychiatric residential treatment facility or PRTF, is a non-hospital inpatient facility that services children and adolescents, ages 9 - 17, who have mental health needs with an IQ of 70 or above.


Loretta's Place is our flagship residential treatment facility serving ONLY male children and adolescents with complex mental health needs who are in need of a safe haven. While in the PRTF, children learn to develop healthy coping skills, receive inpatient and outpatient therapeutic treatments to address trauma and other mental health diagnoses, and become equipped to integrate back into their communities safely.



Marketing Executive


Our accredited school consists of EC teachers and General Education K-12.  Our staff is responsible for school functions and ensures compliance with State and Federal regulations for regular and special education.  The teaching staff is also responsible for education that meets the Department of Education as outlined in the federal school curriculum.

Premier Academy is a full service private school within Premier Service. We offer education for all subjects and grade levels, including EC, from fully licensed teachers. We have in-person and online work where students may earn credits for promotion and/or graduation. We seek to employ best practices to both educate and empower our consumers to be able to succeed as fully functioning member of society.

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