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Medical Director - Child Psychiatrist 

DR RAJESHREE DIMKPA is a board certified psychiatrist with 15 years of experience in treating clients of all ages ranging from 3 years and up. Dr. Dimkpa graduated from Rostov in 1995 with a Medical degree and completed a residency program in General Psychiatry at North General Hospital in New York an affiliate of Mt Sinai School of Medicine. She completed the program in 2004. She also completed a fellowship program at Kingsbrook General Hospital in 2006 in Geriatric Psychiatry. She has worked both as an inpatient and out-patient physician since 2005 with providing evaluation and treatment and consultation of clients of all ages. She also has experience in treating clients with substance abuse issues. She is an approved physician for treating clients with the suboxone program. She has worked with the methadone program and ACT team as well.  She currently directs agencies that provide care for complex and high acute child, adolescent, and teenagers that require intensive in-home and group home services including PRTF. She has been the Medical Director of Premier Services which provides PRTF services since Premier opened in 2012.

PRTF Program Director


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